Your age, single or married, single or multiple income family, or dependent children all impact the amount and kinds of insurance coverage your need. A sure sign to review your insurance strategy is during important events in your life, such as an increase in income, new home or car, marriage, or a new addition to your family.

Insurance needs change over time and knowing the basics of insurance can help keep your financial safety net operating at its best.


Loan insurance life and disability insurance can protect you and your family from the unexpected.


Mortgage insurance ...your family’s biggest debt is turned into its strongest asset.


Home & Auto insurance ...peace of mind and worry-free home and auto insurance at favorable costs.


Life insurance ...personal protection with premium coverage at modest cost by CU Financial Management


Small Business Loan insurance ...for loans under $100,000, your protection could begin right away.


Travel insurance ...simple, convenient coverage that provides peace of mind protection and worry-free security while travelling.


Line of Credit Insurance life and disability can protect you and your family from the inexpected. 



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