Financial Planning




All business owners have access to all investments offered to our personal owners, including:  multi level savings, CDRs, and Term Deposits





Financial Management





Provincial Credit Union offers complete financial planning services.  Talk to us about...


  •  investment advice
  •  retirement planning
  •  insurance planning
  •  financial management
  •  mutual funds




Inquire about this free, confidential service today offered by Credential Financial Strategies.  Contact our representative George Weatherbie for an appointment at 626-3545. 





Also available Credential Direct...rated as one of Canada's top on-line brokers.  Do your own on line trading and investing.  More details at 





Credit Union Deposit Receipts (CDRs)





Deposit Receipts are flexible, cashable anytime, and offer a high rate of interest which is determined monthly.  Funds must stay on deposit for at least 90 days before interest is paid.  Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly.    Minimum deposit is $1,000.00.   Minimum withdrawal is $500.00.  Note...When your balance falls below $1,000.00, funds are transferred to the spending account or savings account of your choice.    



 Term Deposits (non-redeemable)



  • minimum deposit for 1 - 5 years is $1000.00
  • deposits cannot be withdrawn before maturity
  • deposits may have different rates for interest paid monthly, quarterly, or compounded - please inquire


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