Boards and Elections

Board Selection

Provincial Credit Union is a democratic financial institution that operates with the best interests of our owners, community and environment in mind. You could play an integral role in shaping the future direction of this progressive, dynamic, and caring organization. For more information becoming a member of our board, please contact Doug Bridges at (902) 629-1940, or email at 

*Please note that the 2021 nomination application date has passed. 

Who is Eligible to become a Director?

A person who is a citizen of Canada, 18 years of age or older, an owner of the credit union, acts as an individual owner, not on behalf of a company/organization and who satisfies the requirements set out in the by-laws of the credit union may be a director, unless he or she:


a. is an employee of a credit union, credit union central or the Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation;
b. is a director of another credit union; 
c. is a professional advisor to a credit union;
d. has a loan more than six months in arrears;
e. has the status of bankrupt;
g. has been convicted within the previous five years of an offence related to the qualifications and duties of a director, including but not limited to fraud.


Are you Eligible to Vote?


Any person who is 16 years or older and has been a member of record at fiscal year end (December 31st) is eligible to vote.